Monthly Archives: February 2010

Is this the high for the Dollar index? [chart]

In the last issue of the Traders Market Views  (February 19, 2010) I talked about the triple top formation that had formed in the dollar indiex over the past several days. The pattern formed at the end of the cycle, but  just below the reaction line target objective. I said the market should tade above the triple… read more

Cattle on Feed estimates

Cattle on Feed report to be issued today at 2 pm central time.                                                 Average Est.                                    Est. Range On feed Feb 1                     97.1                                                 96.7-97.6 Placements Jan                95.4                                                92.5-98.5 Marketings Jan              101.0                                               99.0-103.0… read more

Consumer Price Index (CPI) – 2/19/2010

The CPI rose 0.2 percent last month; this was less than expected.   The Labor Department claims that this is due to a rise in energy cost, equating to 0.2 percent in December.  According to a poll done by Reuters analysts expected a 0.3 percent increase.  If this is compared to Jan. of last year, prices rose… read more

Corrective bounce over in T-Bonds, major selling opportunity. [chart]

Foreign holdings of U.S. treasuries fell by a whopping $53 billion in December, the largest amount ever. the rconrd drop should be considered a leading indicator that the government might have to pay higher interest rates on its debt to continue to attract investors. This was weighing on the market today, as it traded below the prior pivot… read more

Is this a major selling opportunity for the Japanese Yen? [chart]

The recent corrective rally ended on the February 4th reversal date, but fell shy of reaching the 60% sell window. After the reversal date, the yen resumed the downward trend and has closed below the 20- day SMA. After testing the upper parallel line on February 16th, yen closed sharply lower, leaving good seperation, suggesting… read more

Initial Jobless Claims [2/18/2010]

Initial jobless claims were up 31,000 to 473,000.  Expectations were pegged at 430,000; however this data added to worries that a bleak job market will severely hamper the U.S. economic Recovery.   These numbers also provide a potential argument for the Federal Reserve to keep interest rates near record lows.… read more

Reversal swing date projected recent high for Yen. [chart]

The March Japanese yen has just completed a 5-wave continuation pattern, inside the longer-term downward trend. This type of pattern in a mid-trend pattern and suggests downward trend should continue over the long-term, but right now I want to talk about the 5-wave pattern just completed.  The upward swing began on December 31, after a failed swing pattern formed… read more