Bank of Canada Leaves Interest Rates Unchanged – Futures Trading, Commodity trading, Futures trading Brokerages, Futures brokers

The BoC left interest rates unchanged this morning.  The overnight rate remains at 1.0%,  the deposit rate remains at 0.75% and the Bank Rate at 1.25%   Prior Consensus Actual Change 0 bp 0 bp 0 bp Level 1.0 % 1.0 % 1.0 %  … read more

Futures and Commodities May be Finding a Base – Futures Trading, Commodities Trading, Futures Trading Brokerage, Futures Brokers, Futures News

[display_podcast] Good Morning I am Samson Jagoras coming to you from the Traders Network trading desk on Tuesday May 31st. As you would expect after any holiday, three day weekend, the markets were anxious to move.  We traded both sides to start the night off only to see all most of the markets move higher against… read more

Personal Income and Outlays For May 27, 2011 – Futures Trading, Futures Broker, Futures Trading News

In the month of April there was continual support in the consumer sector – Income continued to grow. Personal income was 0.4% gain  However, spending  was not as strong due to higher prices.   Prior Consensus Consensus Range Actual Personal Income – M/M change 0.5 % 0.4 % 0.3 % to 0.5 % 0.4 % Personal Income – Yr/Yr change 5.3 % 4.4 %… read more

Potential Reversal Setting Up in the Stock Indices [Listen] – Trading Podcast, Futures Trading, Futures Brokers, Commodity Trading, Futures Trading Brokerage

[display_podcast]     Commentary: Good morning it is May 27 at about 520 in the morning. Today at 830 am ET  the “Personal Income and Outlays is going to be released. Personal income is the dollar value of income received from all sources by individuals. Personal outlays include consumer purchases of durable and nondurable goods,… read more

GDP Growth Slows in the First Quarter – Futures Trading, Commodity Trading, Futures Brokers, Economic news

GDP slowed to a 1.8% annualized pace in the first quarter of 2011; this comes after the 4th quarter 3.1% rise in 2010.   Analysts state that this quarters slowing largely due to an increase in imported good, a decline in consumer consumption, a decrease in FED. government spending and a slowing in nonresidential fixed… read more

MBA Purchase Applications – Economic Trading News, Futures Trading, Futures Broker, Futures Trading Brokerage

Home Mortgage applications for purchase rose 1.5% in the week of May 20; this was a boost after last weeks 3.2% decline. Applications for refinancing rose 1.5% as well; which most likely relates to the favorable interest rates. Prior Actual Purchase Index – W/W Change -3.2 % 1.5 % Refinance Index – W/W Change 13.2 % 0.9 % Composite… read more