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Trade Alert! – Short July Cocoa breaks support. – swing trading strategies, swing trade signals, action reaction, reversal dates, market timing.

TMV Swing Trade report – Short July Cocoa @ 3012 – current price @ 2901 – Patience finally paid off as the Cocoa breaks support and quickly falls over 70 points during Friday’s session. So where to now? The next reversal date is due on May 27th and the reaction line intersects with the descending… read more

Reversal dates for the week May 16 through May 20. – Swing trading strategies, swing trade signals, action reaction, price action, market timing

Monday – May 16, 2011 – Soybeans Tuesday – May 17, 2011 – RBOB gasoline, Silver, Copper, Treasury Bonds Wednesday – May 18, 2011 – Soy meal, Bean oil, Swiss franc Thursday – May 19, 2011 – Cotton Friday – May 20, 2011   For more information about reversal dates go to www.tradersnetwork.com… read more

Join us for “Swing Trading with Market Timing Intelligence-Swing trading strategies, swing trades, action reaction, market timing, trading in futures, commodity trading

    Swing Trading with Market Timing Intelligence. – Introduction and review of current and future trade signals.   Join us for a Webinar on May 12 The most important element of a successful swing trading approach is market timing of both entry and exits. In this educational webinar, you will learn to predict, identify,… read more

RT Swing Trader signals sell in June Heating oil! Swing trading strategies, trading in futures, futures brokerage, action reaction, swing trade signals, market timing [chart]

RT Swing Trader program triggered a sell in the June Heating oil. The daily chart had been building a bearish TR pattern over the past two weeks. In yesterday’s new trade signals, the RT Swing Trader program signaled a sell at 3.1321. The trigger price was elected overnight to confirm the sell. Heating oil is… read more

Silver plunges after reaching projected target price and time. Swing Trading Strategies, Action-Reaction, Futures trading, Swing Trading Signals.[chart]

In the previous TMV Swing Trade reports and live webinars I talked about the reaction cycle in Silver. After the reaction swing was confirmed on March 23, 2011, I was able to project April 26, 2011 as the end of the cycle with a long-term price objective at the intersection of the ascending parallel line… read more

Swing Trading Strategies – Long S&P hits target objective before turning lower. [chart]

TMV Swing Trading Report – Long June S&P (e-mini) @ 1338.75 – Hit the Target! – The long position reached the 1354.75 target objective at the same time it reached the projected reversal bar and downward sloping reaction line.  The long position was closed at 1354.75 only minutes before the market peaked at 1356.25 and… read more

Swing Trading Strategies – Long Eurocurrency hits target objective! [chart]

TMV Swing Trade Report – Long June Eurocurrency  @ 1.4651 – Hit the Target! – The euro pushed higher overnight and reached the target objective to close the long position at 1.4775 big gain! The long-term chart shows the market traded to a high of 1.4864 and tested the overhead ascending median line. This line… read more

Swing Trade signal – Bullish price action in Crude oil could signal new price advance. [chart]

TMV Swing Trade report – Short June Crude oil @ 111.95 – Crude traded to a low of 110.71 and where it found support and reversed and traded above the daily high. This is bullish price action and could set up a new price advance. Time to exit the short position and stand aside for… read more

Swing Trading Strategies – Projected reversal date pegs high in Corn! [chart]

May Corn – Corn traded sharply higher, reaching a high of $7.68 and reaching the 60% sell zone, before Wednesday’s (April 20, 2011) projected reversal date kicked in and turned the market lower. Corn tumbled over 29 cents into the close, finishing the day as an “outside” day with a bearish tail. This price action… read more

Swing Trading Strategies – Silver has fulfilled Time and Price target objectives. What is the next move? [chart]

Silver has completed the longer-term bullish reaction cycle and reached the upside target objective, inside a cluster of projected reversal dates. This price action has fulfilled both time and price projections. The market is beginning to show signs of rolling over, which could result in a trend shift or, at the very least, a sharp… read more