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Futures and Commodities May be Finding a Base – Futures Trading, Commodities Trading, Futures Trading Brokerage, Futures Brokers, Futures News

[display_podcast] Good Morning I am Samson Jagoras coming to you from the Traders Network trading desk on Tuesday May 31st. As you would expect after any holiday, three day weekend, the markets were anxious to move.  We traded both sides to start the night off only to see all most of the markets move higher against… read more

Treasury 10-year notes drop as the U.S. prepares to sell $72 billion in debt-Futures news, Futures Trading, Futures Trader, Commodities News, Commodities Trading, Commoditiess Trader

As the U.S.prepares to sell $72 billion in debt, and a government report is set to forecast increased sales, the Ten Year Notes dropped ending the longest winning streak since December 2008. As commodities rebounded from the steepest weekly slump since 2008, Ten year Note yields advanced from near the lowest levels this year. According… read more

Silver leads sell off-Futures News,Futures Trading, Futures Broker, Commodities News, Commodities Trading, Commodities Broker

After nearly touching $50 last week, Silver has led the selloff in commodities this week now trading below the $40 level. The CRB commodity Index is down from this weeks high of 370.72 as Gold an others have followed Silver pushing the the Index below the 360 level. With the sell of in the futures,… read more

Oil Prices Falling-Futures News,Futures Trading, Futures Broker, Commodity News,Commodities Trading, Commodities Broker

With signs of crude inventories accumulating in the U.S., the worlds largest consumer of commodity, oil prices dropped for the third straight day. According to a Bloomburg news survey before an Energy Department report today by the American Petroleum Institute which stated inventories climbed for a fifth straight week. Futures prices dropped 0.8% in New… read more