Learn how to efficiently utilize one of the most popular trading methods in the market today.

Buy Now $49.95 In Unlocking Wealth (278 pages), John Crane, a veteran trader and cofounder of Traders Network, discusses his work with the Action/Reaction trading theory, and illustrates a whole new way of using time, price, and patterns to predict, identify, and trade future market swings. Chapter by informative chapter, you’ll be introduced to the concepts that encompass this proven method, including:

Market Behavior, Reaction swings, Swing trading, the Reaction cycle, Action and reaction lines, Entering and exiting trades, Reversal dates, Long-term versus short-term trends,And much more!

Filled with practical advice from a seasoned veteran, real-world examples, and informative charts and graphs, Unlocking Wealth provides a comprehensive look at the art of swing trading. This valuable book offers clear, step-by-step guidance that will allow you to apply the swing trading methodology to any portfolio and improve your bottom line.

Swing trading is one of the hottest – and most effective – tools for today’s active traders, and John Crane brings a fresh new perspective and a true trading edge to this important concept

-Jonathan Dean, Vice President, FutureSource

We’ve long touted the benefits of this powerful investment strategy at MrSwing.com, and John Crane’s new work makes an excellent addition to the body of educational material available on swing trading. His cutting-edge techniques are right on the money.

-Larry Swing, MrSwing.com