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Hogs / Cattle look for early gains on Friday

CHICAGO (Dow Jones)–End-of-month position squaring that should include short-covering is expected to pull up Chicago Mercantile Exchange hogs early Friday. June and July contracts’ closer price proximity to CME’s lean hog index may stir buyer interest. Thursday’s $1.07 per hundredweight wholesale pork carcass price bounce that boosted packer margins is a market plus. Nonetheless, steady-to-weak… read more

Pork business likely to ignite Hog gains at start Friday

CHICAGO (Dow Jones)–Persistent robust pork business will likely ignite Chicago Mercantile Exchange hogs gains at the start Friday. Wholesale pork prices Thursday leaped another $2.27 per hundredweight, which widened pork packer margins. Generally steady-to-firm cash hog price calls may also inspire those who are banking on futures advances. Thursday’s U.S. Department of Agriculture pork and… read more

Reaction swing pattern portends new rally in Silver. [chart]

A bullish reaction swing has formed after Silver dipped down to $17.85 on April 28th. The market traded had traded through the 20-day SMA on the decline, but reversed and traded up through the 20- day SMA on Thursday. The “double cross” pattern enhances the potential buy signal provided by the bullish reaction swing signal… read more

Swing trade signal confirmed in June Heating oil! [chart]

  June Heating oil rallied off the low, posted on the April 28 reversal swing date. The market  had dipped down into the reversal date, with two lower closes, leading into the pivot low. After finding support from the lower up-sloping action line, Heating oil ended the corrective pullback and turned higher. The new  upward thrust… read more

Cattle up / Hogs down in early trading..

LIVE CATTLE – At 8:30 a.m. CDT (1330 GMT) cattle were up .100 to 0.300 cent per lb in nearby months in electronic rading. * Robust beef exports should give futures an early lift, as hould ongoing tight supplies of market-ready cattle. * Traders will be watching the stock market after the sharp rop early… read more

Bullish swing pattern sets the stage for a new rally in Gold. [chart]

Gold traded above the previous swing high ($1170.70 on April 12, 2010) at the close of Tuesday’s trading session and then backed off can closed below the  prior high. Wednesday’s session opens steady to slightly and traded slightly lower before surging past the pivot high for the second time. The second crossing sets the stage… read more

Japanese yen forms new reaction swing and sets stage for new price decline. [chart]

Tuesday’s one-day rally stopped short by the 20- day SMA and the down-sloping reaction line. The yen reversed at the two levles of resistance  and resumed the dominate downward trend. This should set the stage for the next swing lower into the May 6th reversal swing date.… read more