Broker-assisted – Executive One account

Work with a professional market strategist

Whether you are new to futures or are a seasoned veteran, our Executive One service provides the benefit of specialized attention at competitive commission rates. The Executive One account provides immediate access to the recommendations of numerous independent market analysis which the trader may use, at his or her own discretion, to help make trading decisions. Your Executive One broker will also assist you with order placement, help you track your positions and equity, and follow your special instructions.

Professional Order Specialists

Here at Traders Network, we emphasize the importance of a good rapport between order specialist and customer, which works to optimize both speed and accuracy in order placement. Traders Network offers customers order assistance or the choice of online trading platforms.

Executive One commission rate:
  • $20 per side ($40 per round turn)
    (Plus clearing and NFA fees) *View Exchange fees below
  • Minimum to open: $1000.00

Executive One customers receive a free subscription to: Traders Market Views Swing Trade report published electronically Monday through Friday, as well as intra-day market updates Also, Executive One customers enjoy unlimited access to: The Reversal Swing Date, real-time streaming quotes, charts and option information, all updated free on our web site.

Self-directed, Online trading account

Trade independently through a Self-Directed account

Traders Network makes your computer a powerful trading center. With the Traders EDGE, you can place orders, get real-time steaming quotes and charts; view your positions, account balances and order status in real time; look at your working orders; monitor your fills; access market news as it happens; create custom charts…even conduct all kinds of technical studies.

You can download Trader Edge, our powerful trading platform which delivers critical trading functions quickly and easily in a Windows® environment. Or, you can use WEBEO, our Internet based trading platform. Of course, you’re always welcome to call your personally account representative, if you need assistance or need to speak with a representative who will take your order, report fills and keep you updated about your account.

As a self-directed trader, you get the lowest commission rates we offer. And, even though you call the shots, Traders Network will still provide you with quotes, charts, news and research to help you formulate your trading decisions, as well as access to a host of online trading resources. And even though you are an independent trader, you won’t be left in the dark. You still get live customer support around the clock.

Online Trading commission rate:
  • $12.50* per side ($25 per round turn)
    (Plus clearing and NFA fees)
  • Minimum to open: $3,000.00

Discounted commissions for E-mini day-trades and volume trading as low as $10 per round turn. Ask your account executive for details. Contact us for more information.

Auto-Execute Services

Utilize our professionally developed commodity futures trading systems through our Auto-Execute Service Division.

Auto-Execute Services offers access to professionally developed futures investment programs, otherwise known as trading systems that generate specific buy and sell orders.

System trading through our Auto-Execute Services division is an ideal approach if you don’t have the time or expertise to trade your own account. You decide which program to invest in. Then, instruct our team to automatically execute the program for you and enter specific trades on your behalf. You pick the trading strategy or trading system that’s right for you!