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Reaction Point™ is a unique add-on market timing indicator that combines veteran trader and author John Crane’s ‘Action/Reaction’ and market timing methods with a selective set of Elliott Wave, Dr. Andrew’s Median Line, and Fibonacci principals to analyze market action and project future market swings.

The Reaction Point™ timing indicator utilizes market structure and market behavior with a unique combination of the “Action/Reaction” theory and “Market Timing Intelligence” to always keep the trader in favorable market direction. Market Timing Intelligence uses only the past “action” of the market to make predictive time and price projections, with a high degree of accuracy.

The Reaction Point™ timing indicator is designed to help the trader identify “sweet spots” of price action precede an explosive price movement and help capture that price movement from beginning to end.

It is important to note that every market movement is a function of the market moves that preceded it and all markets adhere to the laws of Action/Reaction. Even though each market has its own unique personality, all markets will also seek balance, therefore Action/Reaction will always come into play. As a Ninja Trader Add-on, Reaction Point™ timing indicator uses this price reality as a leading indicator to provide earlier entries and timely exits.

Perhaps the greatest appeal of the Reaction Point™ timing indicator is in its simplicity in conjunction with its unlimited potential. That is why one trader called it “one of the most elegant futures trading methodologies I’ve seen…”


Introduction to Reaction Point™ featuring Market Timing Intelligence

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