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Market Alert! – Swing Trading opportunity in S&P! – swing trade signals, price action, action reaction, market timing, median lines

September S&P tested support at the intersection of the  the downward sloping median line and the reaction line. The market responded with a strong rebound, while forming the (D) pivot of the TR pattern sequence. This price action is bullish and offers a swing trading opportunity with the potential to test the recent swing high of 1293,75.… read more

Market Alert! Short British pound hit target objective! – swing trading strategies, swing trade signal, market timing, price action, action reaction, median lines,

TMV Swing Trade report – Short September British pound @ 1.6070  – Hit the Target! The British pound traded through the downward sloping median line (daily chart)  and plunged to its lowest level since late March. Because of the high volatility price action, I dropped to the sixty minute chart to look “inside” the bar… read more