Swing Trading Strategies – Possible short-term bottom in June Lean Hogs. [chart]

TMV Swing Trade Report – Short from 99.92 – current price 96.05 – Lean Hogs traded below the low of Wednesday’s reversal date low, but have begun to form a  peg-leg formation on the 60-minute chart. This could signal the beginning of a corrective bounce into the next reversal date due on May 3, 2011.… read more

Swing Trading Strategies – Lean Hogs trade sharply lower – time to lower stop loss. [chart]

TMV Swing Trade report – Short June Lean Hogs @ 100.05 – current price @ 99.12 – Lower stop loss to 100.95. The price action has confirmed the sell  and allowed the stop loss to be lowered to an intra-day swing high. The reverse/forward count projects the next reversal date for April 22.… read more

Swing Trading Strategies – Cattle post major reversal on projected reversal date. [chart]

February Cattle surged to a new  all-time high on the January 18th projected reversal date, but failed to hold the earlier gains and closed near the low of the daily session. The long tail, on the reversal dated price bar, warns of a swing pattern failure. A conformation on the swing pattern failure could signal a major top… read more

Swing Trading Strategies – What did “action-reaction” tells us about today’s reversal in Lean Hogs? [chart]

In last night’s issue of the TMV Swing Trading Report I wrote about the confluence of resistance displayed on  the February Lean Hogs chart. Prices had advanced slightly through the short-term ascending median line and were poised to test the long-term median line, as well as testing the prior major swing high of 81.37, posted… read more

TMV Swing Trading report – Update on Long February Hogs position. (chart)

TMV Swing Trading report – Long February Hogs @ 75.75 – Higher than expected cash prices due to high demand triggered a strong rally in February Hogs. The price surge stalled after the price advanced above the prior swing high and reached the ascending median line. It is time to exit the long Hogs position… read more

Hogs Higher On Higher Cash Prices / Futures Broker

KANSAS CITY (Dow Jones) — U.S. hog futures are sharply higher in early trading Wednesday on stronger-than-expected cash prices just ahead of the christmas holiday, expectations of smaller slaughter-ready hog supplies by mid-January and spillover support from gains in cattle and most other commodity sector.… read more

Swing Trading Strategy – Lean Hogs poised for a fall. [chart]

Hogs rallied into the 60% sell zone on the December 13, 2010 reversal date. The market opened lower the following day and continues lower on Wednesday. The cycle remains bearish and the price action suggests Hogs are poised to break out of the reaction swing and decline into the December 22nd reversal date with a… read more

Initial Jobless Claims (11/10/2010) – Futures News

* Jobless claims hit four-month low in latest week * September trade gap narrows more than expected * Import prices jump to highest since April * U.S. imports from China remain near record By Doug Palmer WASHINGTON, Nov 10 (Reuters) – Initial claims for U.S. jobless benefits hit a four-month low last week, while the… read more