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Swing Trading Strategies – Learn to read between the lines! [chart]

Dr. Alan Andrews stated that when a median line (the white center line) is drawn, from the most recent swings, the price should return to the medain line 80% of the time. This median line can be used as a target objective where the market will often form a new pivot. October Cattle first tested the median line  on July… read more

Futures Broker: Grains Export Sales Report

* Net corn sales largest since December 1994 * Wheat sales at 34-month high, up 6 pct from week ago * Soybean sales slip, but near high end of trade forecasts CHICAGO, Aug 19 (Reuters) – Net export sales of U.S. corn last week were the largest in nearly 16 years, while wheat sales posted… read more

Futures Broker / Grain Calls

CHICAGO, Aug 19 (Reuters) – CBOT wheat futures were expected to open 20-25 cents per bushel on Thursday on news Russia may begin to import grain and on a big number for wheat in USDA’s weekly export sales report. CBOT corn was expected to open 3 to 5 cents per bushel higher on spillover support… read more

Futures News – Unemployment – Initial jobless Claims [8/18/2010]

By STEPHEN BERNARD AP Business Writer NEW YORK (AP) — Stocks are falling after the Labor Department said claims for unemployment benefits rose unexpectedly last week, renewing concerns about the pace of the economic recovery. The disappointing news about the jobs market Thursday came minutes after news that Intel Corp. was acquiring McAfee Inc. The… read more

Swing Trading Strategies – Sept Eurocurrency forms a bearish reaction swing, but is it time to sell? [chart]

After completing a bullish reaction cycle on the August 8th reversal date, September Eurocurrency has been in a downward price swing. The euro has posted two consecutive higher closes following several closes below the 20- day EMA. The corrective rally appears to be a bearish reaction swing and could be forming a new sell pattern. A trade below the August… read more

Swing Trading Strategies – T-Bonds reach target objective on projected reversal date. What’s next? [chart]

September Treasury bonds reached the target objective at 134-00, on the projected reversal/reaction date. In a classic “action-reaction’ fashion, the market reached the projected price level on the predicted reversal/reaction date. This is a good time to take a look back to see how the target objective and reversal/reaction date could have been identified two weeks earlier.  The… read more

Futures Broker: Wheat prices expected to rebound

By Tom Polansek Of DOW JONES NEWSWIRES CHICAGO (Dow Jones)–Wheat prices are expected to rebound from a sharp sell-off on confirmation that global supplies of the grain will tighten as Ukraine joins Russia in restricting exports because of a historic drought. Ukraine’s agricultural policy ministry said Tuesday it would limit grain exports to 3.5 million… read more