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Market Alert! Short September Eurocurrency has reached target objective! – swing trading strategies, swing trade signals, price action, market timing, median lines, action reaction

TMV Swing Trade report – Short September Eurocurrency from 1.4235 – current price @ 1.4133 – The market has reached previous demand level that could set up a short-term corrective rebound. Exit the short position and stand aside for a new signal pattern.… read more

Swing Trading Strategies – Reaction swing triggered buy in British pound. [chart]

In the last issue of the TMV Swing Trading Report I said. “British pound has posted double bottom formations on consecutive reversal dates (January 25th and February 1st). The price action has formed a bullish reaction swing and appears poised for an upward price swing into the ascending median line. “ Overnight, the pound traded… read more

Swing Trading Strategy – Bullish reaction swing confirmed for the Dollar! [chart]

Friday’s outside day is an added confirmation of the bullish zig zag continuation pattern. The market price action portends a price advance into the December 28th reversal date with an initial target objective at 8300 to 8350. I will keep you updated on this swing  trade recommendation in the TMV Swing Trading Report.… read more

Swing Trading Strategy – Swing pattern failure setting up strong buy signal for Japanese yen! [chart]

A double bottom formation appears to be setting up a buying opportunity for the March Japanese yen. The market traded below the prior swing low and dipped to 1.1186 before reversing and trading higher. The market was not able to find new sellers below the previous swing pattern and traded back into the  consolidation. This… read more

Swing Trading Strategy – Will the Euro reach the target objective before the December 2nd reversal date? [chart]

TMV Swing Trade report – Short December Eurocurrency from 1.3441 – The euro is trading sharply lower for the sixth day in a row, after breaking out of the bearish reaction swing of November 16 to November 19. The euro continues to be pressured by Eurozone debt woes as CDS on Spain, Portugal and Italy… read more

Swing Trading Strategies – Is the decline in Dollar index coming to an end? [chart]

The long-term decline in the Dollar index may be coming to an end or due or a corrective rebound. Over the past three weeks the Dollar index has formed a bullish TR pattern following the spike low on October 22. The spike low formed the (B) of an (A) -(B) bottom formation, followed by a… read more

Swing Trading Strategies – Sept Eurocurrency forms a bearish reaction swing, but is it time to sell? [chart]

After completing a bullish reaction cycle on the August 8th reversal date, September Eurocurrency has been in a downward price swing. The euro has posted two consecutive higher closes following several closes below the 20- day EMA. The corrective rally appears to be a bearish reaction swing and could be forming a new sell pattern. A trade below the August… read more

Swing Trading Strategies – Does the Canadian dollar still have room to run? [chart]

The Canadian dollar finished Tuesday’s projected reversal/reaction day (projected by using the reverse count form July 9 back to the low on June 24, with the forward count beginning on July 20.) with an “inside day” price bar. An “inside day”, on a reversal/reaction day, is considered a continuation pattern. Wednesday’s price action is also… read more

Swing Trading Strategies – What can you learn from looking at past price action? [chart]

Looking into the past can provide a wealth of information when trying to find future support and resistance levels. Past high or low price pivot points should not be ignored and can be critical when trying to identify or project futures price swings and trend reversals. The later came into play recently in the Dollar Index. The Dollar index had… read more