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Was the collapse in Gold really a surprise? – action reaction, swing trade signals, swing trading, price action, market timing, median lines

As I listened to the talking heads, on the business news channel, talk about the unexpected collapse in the Gold and Silver, I was thinking, “Was this really a surprise?”  I look back to the August 19, 2011 issue of the TMV Swing Trade report where I talked about the price action in the Silver and Gold… read more

Market update – Entry price correction for for long December Wheat. – TMV, swing trade signals,

TMV Swing trade report – In the last issue I made a recommendation to buy the December Wheat at $7.29 1/2 0r lower. The correct price is $7.69 1/2. December Wheat – We closed a very good long position in the December Wheat last week, when the market pulled back to test 20-day SMA support.… read more

Update on S&P signal – Sell signal triggered by reversal date pattern. Swing trade signals, action reaction, market timing, price action

TMV Swing Trade report – short September  E-mini S&P  from 1176.75 – current price @ 1142.00 – On August 15, 2011, I posted a blog that included a daily chart of the September S&P 500, with the August 16th reversal date marked as a possible pivot high and reversal point. I said the reversal date… read more