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Grain Opening Calls : Futures Trading News, Futures Trading Brokers, Futures Trading

Soybeans 8 to 10 cents higher Wheat 8 to 10 cents higher Corn 3 to 5 cents higher China raised interest rates which gave strength to the dollar and pressured crude oil. Improving crop condition also gave some pressure.  … read more

Market Update -How I selected the target objective for July Wheat. – swing trading strategies, swing trading signal, price action, action reaction, median lines, trading futures.s

Looking into the past price action can offer some of the best information about future price action. The 60-minute chart of July Wheat offers a great example of this type of trading information. July Wheat traded sharply lower on Monday ans continued lower during Tuesday’s session before turning higher on Wednesday…without warning. However, if you… read more

Market Alert! – July Coffee surges higher after reversal date signal.

In yesterday’s free live trading webinar, I discussed July Coffee. I used the daily chart to show how the market had posted a new low close of 255.95. on the projected reversal date of June 1, 2011. The market reversed on the following day–the “trail” day”–and closed higher. This price action formed a peg-leg pattern… read more

Market news – Grain opening calls – futures news, futures trading, futures trading firm

U.S wheat futures are expected open 8 to 9- cents higher after trading sharply lower earlier this week. The higher trade comes on concerns that Russia’s grain sales could fall short of projections when the country resumes exports next month. Soybean futures are called to open 3 to 5 cents higher in line with the… read more

Be Prepared for Market Moving News – Futures Trading, Futures Trading New, Futures Trading Brokers, Futures Trading Brokerage

[display_podcast] Good Morning it is Thursday June 2nd. I am Samson Jagoras Coming to you from the Traders Network Trading Desk. Yesterday we saw a lot of heavy selling in the commodities and stock indexes.  However, most of the markets recovered some in the night session to back and fill some of yesterdays price action. … read more

Motor Vehicle Sales Rise in April – Economic news, Futures Trading News, Futures Trading Brokerage, Futures Brokers

April showed an increase in motor vehicle sales to 10.1 million sales of light motor vehicles; which is up from the previous month’s 9.9 million reading.  The import of vehicles  declined however, to 3.1 million from 3.2 million.  Therefore the combined reading of domestic and imported vehicle sales remained steady at 13.2 million annualized pace.… read more

Chicago PMI Numbers Slow – Futures Trading, Trading in Futures, Futures Brokers, Futures Trading Brokerage

Chicago PMI which compiles a survey and composite of diffusion of business conditions in the Chicago area showed a large slowing in new orders month on month. The Chicago PMI was down by 11 points in May 56.6 to indicate the slowest rate of monthly growth since November.  New orders declined by 13 points to 53.5; the worsed reading… read more