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Dollar-Gold Dynamic [Listen] – Trading Podcast, Futures Trading, Futures Trading Brokerage

[display_podcast]   Good morning it is Friday June 3rd. It is interesting to watch this continued dynamic between The precious metals and the dollar market.  As the dollar continues to weaken so have the metals.  The Euro Currency on the other hand has found a lot of buying against the dollar. Technically speaking you would… read more

Potential Reversal Setting Up in the Stock Indices [Listen] – Trading Podcast, Futures Trading, Futures Brokers, Commodity Trading, Futures Trading Brokerage

[display_podcast]     Commentary: Good morning it is May 27 at about 520 in the morning. Today at 830 am ET  the “Personal Income and Outlays is going to be released. Personal income is the dollar value of income received from all sources by individuals. Personal outlays include consumer purchases of durable and nondurable goods,… read more