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Potential Reversal Setting Up in the Stock Indices [Listen] – Trading Podcast, Futures Trading, Futures Brokers, Commodity Trading, Futures Trading Brokerage

[display_podcast]     Commentary: Good morning it is May 27 at about 520 in the morning. Today at 830 am ET  the “Personal Income and Outlays is going to be released. Personal income is the dollar value of income received from all sources by individuals. Personal outlays include consumer purchases of durable and nondurable goods,… read more

EIA Petroleum Status Report April 20, 2011- Energy Commodity Trading News

During the week of April 15th 2011 Crude Oil imports declined and set off a 2.3 million barrel decline in Commercial inventories.   Commercial oil inventories came in as 357.0 millions barrels during the week on April 15th..  8.1 million barrels are currently being imported per day day which is a 2 month low and… read more

EIA Energy Stocks 12/15/2010 – Futures Trading News

NEW YORK, Dec 15 (Reuters) – U.S. crude oil futures prices turned positive on Wednesday after government oil inventory data showed crude stocks fell much more than expected last week. U.S. crude oil stockpiles fell 9.85 million barrels last week, according to the Energy Information Administration, much more than the drop of 2.5 million barrels… read more

EIA Energy Stocks Report 6-9-2010

In today’s Monthly Oil Market Report, OPEC raised its estimate of world growth from 3.5% to 3.8% for 2010. Its estimate of world oil demand was roughly the same as last month, at 85.37 million barrel per day. July crude oil is trading higher. The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) said that crude oil supplies… read more

EIA Energy Stocks [3/3-2010]

  (Million Barrels)….           02/26/10              02/19/10            Change          02/26/09 Crude Oil (Exc SPR)..       341.6                  337.5                      4.1                354.7 Crude at Cushing…..         30.0                     29.9                        0.1                 30.6 Gasoline………….             231.9                     231.2                      0.7                  215.9 Reformulated………        0.6                           0.8                         -0.2                 0.7 Blending Components.. 148.0                      147.0                      1.0                  127.0 Jet Fuel………….             43.3                         43.7                       -0.4                  42.6 Total Distillate Fuel     151.8                       152.7                      -0.9                  145.8 Heating Oil……….        42.3                          42.7                        -0.4                  36.5 Residual Fuel……..      40.0                          40.0                        UNCH              38.8 Unfinished Oils……      81.1                         81.5                        -0.4                   88.1 Other Oils………..         130.1                       133.0                      -2.9                   137.9 Total… read more