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ADP Employment Report for May 4, 2011 – Economic News, Economic Report, Futures Trading News, Futures Trading, Commodity Trading, Futures Trading Brokerage firm, Futures Brokers, Commodity Brokerage firm, Commodity brokers

This months ADP report shows a month on month slow down in the the growth of private payroll.   This months number was 179,000 which was down from March’s 207,000.  Traders should keep a close eye on Friday’s employment report to get a better read on the over all job sentiment;  Friday’s report may be disappointing as… read more

Wheat-Corn news/ Futures Trading,Futures Brokers,Commodity Trading, Commodity Brokers,Futures news, Commodity news

After the US Department of Agriculture released news earlier this month forecasting a projected higher level of soft red winter wheat, the type traded in Chicago, to replace corn plantings, a switch being viewed with keen interest by those in the industry. With wheat’s higher protein content many feel that it makes a better option… read more

Silver Falls US Equities Rise – Futures Trading, Commodity News, Futures Brokers, Commodity Brokers,

News of the death of Osama bin Laden pushed Stocks and U.S. equity-index futures higher, Silver prices sank as speculative margin requirements were raised by the CME Group Inc. Also, in reaction to the news oil prices dropped the most in two weeks and the Dollar Index managed to snap a nine day slump.… read more