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Unemployment numbers:Futures Trading, Futures News, Futures Trader, Commodity Trading, Commodity News, Commodities Trader

Released on 5/12/2011 8:30:00 AM For wk5/7, 2011 Prior Consensus Consensus Range Actual New Claims – Level 474 K 430 K 415 K to 465 K 434 K 4-week Moving Average – Level 431.25 K 436.75 K In what is a big relief for the jobs outlook, initial claims fell back sharply following a giant… read more

Canadian Dollar making gains-Futures News, Futures Trading, Futures Broker, Commodity News, Commodity Trading, Commodities Broker

The Canadian Dollar traded at 96.43 cents per U.S. Dollar, an appreciation of 0.3 cents, up from yesterdays 96.69. The Canadian Dollar touched 94.46 on April 29th, it’s highest level since November 2007. The Unemployment numbers helped the Canadian Dollar make gains against the U.S. Dollar – ending it’s longest losing streak since December as… read more

ISM Non-Manufacturing May 4, 2011 – Futures news, Futures Trading, Economic News, Trading News, Commodity news, Commodity Trading, Futures Brokerage, Commodity Brokerage

  Prior Consensus Consensus Range Actual Composite Index – Level 57.3 57.0 54.5  to 60.0 52.8 The ISM Non Manufacturing composite index showed a 2.4 points decrease to 57.3 in March from February’s 59.7 high.  However, this is still above 50 which is considered a a month on month pace for continued growth.   What is the… read more

Oil Prices Falling-Futures News,Futures Trading, Futures Broker, Commodity News,Commodities Trading, Commodities Broker

With signs of crude inventories accumulating in the U.S., the worlds largest consumer of commodity, oil prices dropped for the third straight day. According to a Bloomburg news survey before an Energy Department report today by the American Petroleum Institute which stated inventories climbed for a fifth straight week. Futures prices dropped 0.8% in New… read more

Dry winter wheat fields = higher prices-Futures Trading,Futures News,Futures Broker,Commodity Trading,Commodity News, Commodity Broker

Wheat production in Kansas, the 2nd largest U.S. grower, is expected to drop as dry weather persists, with 46% of the state experiencing drought conditions. Government data shows the states winter-wheat crop is the worst condition it has been in 15 years. U.S. inventories would erode with less output, these inventories are already expected to… read more

Sugar prices Fall-Futures News,Futures Broker,Commodity News,Commodity Broker

Harvest Production in Thailand has pushed Sugar prices to the lowest prices in seven months on speculation that supply will more than suffice to meet demand. In an email Jerome Jourquin, global head of agricultural commodities at Market Securities, a unit of Kite Group. stated ” Sugar is down on ample supplies from Thailand, The… read more

Wheat-Corn news/ Futures Trading,Futures Brokers,Commodity Trading, Commodity Brokers,Futures news, Commodity news

After the US Department of Agriculture released news earlier this month forecasting a projected higher level of soft red winter wheat, the type traded in Chicago, to replace corn plantings, a switch being viewed with keen interest by those in the industry. With wheat’s higher protein content many feel that it makes a better option… read more

Silver Falls US Equities Rise – Futures Trading, Commodity News, Futures Brokers, Commodity Brokers,

News of the death of Osama bin Laden pushed Stocks and U.S. equity-index futures higher, Silver prices sank as speculative margin requirements were raised by the CME Group Inc. Also, in reaction to the news oil prices dropped the most in two weeks and the Dollar Index managed to snap a nine day slump.… read more