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Corn Prices Rising-Futures Trading Brokerage, Futures Broker, Commodity Trading Brokerage, Commodity Broker

Japan, the largest importer of corn sees the commodity price rising because of the concern over nuclear radiation, potentially helping meat sales by Tyson Foods Inc. because of increasing expense@animal feed makers. Nobuyuki Chino, President of the Tokyo-based grain company Continental Rice Corporation said, Importers need to pay 5 percent more compared to the west… read more

Dry winter wheat fields = higher prices-Futures Trading,Futures News,Futures Broker,Commodity Trading,Commodity News, Commodity Broker

Wheat production in Kansas, the 2nd largest U.S. grower, is expected to drop as dry weather persists, with 46% of the state experiencing drought conditions. Government data shows the states winter-wheat crop is the worst condition it has been in 15 years. U.S. inventories would erode with less output, these inventories are already expected to… read more

Sugar prices Fall-Futures News,Futures Broker,Commodity News,Commodity Broker

Harvest Production in Thailand has pushed Sugar prices to the lowest prices in seven months on speculation that supply will more than suffice to meet demand. In an email Jerome Jourquin, global head of agricultural commodities at Market Securities, a unit of Kite Group. stated ” Sugar is down on ample supplies from Thailand, The… read more