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Employment Situation: Nonfarm Payrolls Increase 54,000 Jobs – Futures Trading News, Futures Trading Brokers, Futures Trading

  Prior Consensus Consensus Range Actual Nonfarm Payrolls – M/M change 244,00 170,000 90,000  to 200,000 54,000 Unemployment Rate – Level 9.0 % 8.9 % 8.7 % to 9.0 % 9.1 % Average Hourly Earnings – M/M change 0.1 % 0.2 % 0.1 % to 0.2 % 0.3 % Av Workweek – All Employees 34.3 hrs 34.3 hrs 34.2 hrs to 34.3 hrs Private Payrolls – M/M change 268,000 180,000 115,000  to 225,000 83,000  … read more

Chain Store Sales Soft in May – Futures Trading, Futures News, Futures Trading Brokers

May’s reading on chain store sales were soft and thought to be held down by higher gas prices and bad weather.  However, these chain stores are remaining resolute in their guidance with warmer weather ahead and they expect a boost in June.  High end chains stores consumers are less affected by high gas price; although… read more

Be Prepared for Market Moving News – Futures Trading, Futures Trading New, Futures Trading Brokers, Futures Trading Brokerage

[display_podcast] Good Morning it is Thursday June 2nd. I am Samson Jagoras Coming to you from the Traders Network Trading Desk. Yesterday we saw a lot of heavy selling in the commodities and stock indexes.  However, most of the markets recovered some in the night session to back and fill some of yesterdays price action. … read more

Free Trading Webinar this Thursday May 19, 2011 – Swing trading, Futures Trading, Futures Trading Brokers, Commodity trading, Swing Trading Strategies

Join us for a Webinar on Thursday, May 19, 2011 The most important element of a successful swing trading approach is market timing of both entry and exits. In this educational webinar, you will learn to predict, identify, and trade short-term swing trades in futures, stocks or forex using a unique swing trading “market timing… read more