Market Alert! Swing Trading strategy for the June S&P! Swing trading signals, action reaction, median lines, futures trading [chart]

The June E-mini S&P has formed a bullish reaction swing while trading on both sides of the upward trending median line. A confirmation of the reaction swing portends a new price advance toward the upper parallel line. The market needs to trade above 1352.50 to confirm the pattern.  … read more

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Join us for a Webinar on Thursday, May 5, 2011 The most important element of a successful swing trading approach is market timing of both entry and exits. In this educational webinar, you will learn to predict, identify, and trade short-term swing trades in futures, stocks or forex using a unique swing trading “market timing… read more

Swing Trading Strategies – Long S&P hits target objective before turning lower. [chart]

TMV Swing Trading Report – Long June S&P (e-mini) @ 1338.75 – Hit the Target! – The long position reached the 1354.75 target objective at the same time it reached the projected reversal bar and downward sloping reaction line.  The long position was closed at 1354.75 only minutes before the market peaked at 1356.25 and… read more

Market Wrap Up for April 26, 2011 – Futures Trading, Futures Markets,

Time stamp: 2:45pm Stock Indices showed some strength June Mini Dow last @ 12529 June ES last @ 1341.75 June Mini NASDAQ last @ 239200   Gold Steady, Silver has an astounding day/volatile day, Copper weak June Gold  @1504.4 May Silver @ 4524.5 May copper @ 43210   Inside Day in the Dollar Index however slightly higher June Dollar Index @… read more

General Electric shows jump in profits 77%

According to the Wall Street  Journal GE reported a 77% increase in their first quarter earnings.  However, its easy to do when you don’t have to pay taxes. Don’t we all wish that we could spend frivolously and not be held accountable for our decisions.   Needless to say GE shares were up 2.2% at $20.85 per… read more

Trading in Futures -Market Wrap up for April 20, 2011

Stock Indices were on the rise June Mini Dow closed @ 12455 June ES closed @ 133425 June Mini NASDAQ close @ 237600   Metals are once again on the Rise, making new highs fanning the inflation Flames aided by a continued decline in the Dollar June Gold  @1489.9 (close) May Silver @ 4446.1 (close)   The… read more

ISM Mfg Index / Futures Broker

  Released on 3/1/2011 10:00:00 AM For Feb, 2011     Prior Consensus Consensus Range Actual ISM Mfg Index – Level 60.8  60.5  58.7  to 62.0  61.4       Market Consensus Before Announcement The composite index from the ISM manufacturing survey jumped 2.3 points to a rare plus 60 reading at 60.8 for the highest reading since May… read more

Swing Trading Strategies – Dow Jones hits new high on projected reversal date. [chart]

The Dow Jones futures traded to a new high (12218) before failing and dropping below the low of the prior pivot low. This price action has formed a possible peg-leg topping pattern. It is also important to not that the new high and possible failure, occurred on a projected reversal date I will have more… read more

Swing Trading Strategy – Does the New Reaction Swing Signal a Major Top in Dow Jones Futures? [chart]

The Dow Jones futures are forming the final leg of a major TR (Trend Reversal) pattern. The long-term upward trend ended with a high close of 11397 on the November 4th reversal date. After testing the downward sloping reaction line during the November 5th session, Dow Jones turned lower and closed lower each of the… read more