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Major selling opportunity in the Dollar? [chart]

In the Febraury 19th issue of the Traders Market Views Swing Trading report, ( I also posted on this blog) I posted a chart of the March Dollar index and said the dollar had the reaction line target objective and completed the bullish reaction cycle. The dollar was also moving to the right of the… read more

EIA Energy Stocks Report [2/24/2010]

(Million Barrels)                             2/19/10             2/12/10               Change               Crude Oil:                              337.5                    334.5                     3.0                      Crude at cushing:               29.9                       30.6                      -0.7                     Gasoline:                               231.2                     232.1                    -0.9                     Reformulated:                     0.8                         0.9                         -0.1                     Blednig Components:      147.0                    146.8                      0.2                       Jet Fuel:                                43.7                       42.7                        1.0                        Total Distillate:                  152.7                    153.3                      -0.6                     Heating oil:                           42.7                     42.1                         0.6                        Residual Fuel:                    40.0                      37.9                         2.1                      Unfinished oils:                 81.5                       81.4                         0.1                      Other… read more

Dollar turns lower after hitting reaction line on reversal date!

The Dollar index began to show weakness when it moved away from the ascending median line. However, it was not until the Dollar reached the sloping reaction line target objective on the February 23rd reversal date that the bullish cycle was complete. A retest of the reaction line on Wednesday failed and the market turned lower.… read more

May Sugar reaches target objective! [chart]

Sugar completed a bearish TR pattern after the (D) pivot high was confirmed inside the 60% sell window on February 16. (See February 17th issue of TMV Swing Trading Report)  The sell signal at 26.05 was triggered the following day. The reverse/forward count projected the future reversal date for February 24 (marked on chart) with a target… read more