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Swing Trading strategy – Gap-N-Go pattern triggers strong buy in Crude oil. [chart]

In the May 27th (Thursday) issue of the TMV Swing Trading report, I recommended buying the July Crude oil on a pullback to 70.80. The market had closed at 71.51 after confirming a bullish Gap-N-Go pattern. Crude dipped down to 70.67 early in the following session, where it triggered the buy signal before turning higher and staging a… read more

Futures Broker / Grain Calls and News

WHEAT – Steady to up 1 cent per bushel. * Short-covering bounce expected as dollar eases; market rebounding after contract lows hit early this week. End-month positioning expected. CORN – Down 1 to 2 cents per bushel. * Setback from Thursday’s higher close, with generally favorable U.S. crop weather overhanging the market. Quiet consolidation expected… read more

Swing Trading Strategies – Predicting the low in the Dow Jones by John Crane. [chart]

The Dow Jones futures continue to rally off the May 25th reversal swing date after closing lower on Wednesday. After making a corrective rebound into the 60% sell window on May 13th, the market turned lower and resumed the downward trend. The May 13th high was the final pivot of a bearish TC pattern (trend continuation)… read more

Futures Broker / Grain News and Calls

WHEAT – Up 3 to 5 cents per bushel. Boosted by weak dollar and higher equities markets. USDA’s export sales report showed U.S. wheat exports above trade expectations. CORN – Up 1 to 2 cents per bushel. Support from firm crude oil and higher equities in addition to a weak dollar and potential further sales… read more

Swing Trading Strategies intra-day using “action-reaction” by John Crane. [chart]

Most of my posts are about swing trading strategies using daily charts. Therefore, I am often asked if the “action-reaction” method can also be used when daytrading. Yes, it can. This 3-minute chart, of the June Eurocurrency, offers a great example of “action-reaction” at work intra-day. Between 7:48 a.m. and 7:54 a.m. (MST) on the… read more

Futures Broker / Grain News and Calls

WHEAT – Up 5 to 7 cents per bushel. Short-covering, a weak dollar and rebound in equities markets lending support to wheat futures. CORN – Up 3 to 5 cents per bushel. Support from news China may import more U.S. corn, a weak dollar, higher crude oil and a rebound in equities markets. SOYBEANS –… read more

Swing Trading Strategy – Price action suggests Coffee may have bottomed and ready to rally. [chart]

July Coffee traded to a low of 130.60 before reversing and rebounding sharply off the lower parallel line. This price action suggests the market may be in a trend shift and ready to rally off the recent pivot low. Coffee rallied over 100 points off the low, leaving good separation for the low. This is an… read more

Futures Trader: Hogs under pressure

CHICAGO (Dow Jones)–Deeply depressed equities markets and profit-taking after Chicago Mercantile Exchange hogs’ modest bounce Monday will pressure futures early Tuesday. Futures on the Dow Jones Industrial Average are down more than 200 points amid worries that Greece’s dept problems will spread into other European countries which again boosted the U.S. dollar. Domestic and foreign… read more

Futures Broker / Grain News and Calls

WHEAT – Down 3 to 5 cents per bushel. * Strong dollar and falling equities weigh on wheat futures in addition to continued pressure from an abundant stockpile of wheat. CORN – Down 5 to 7 cents per bushel. * Good crop seeding and growing weather in the U.S., a strong dollar and falling crude… read more