Copper Prices Higher- Futures News, Futures Trading, Futures Broker, Commodities News Commodities Trading, Commodities Broker

Copper prices were higher in New York, headed for the first weekly gain in three weeks as speculation that the demand will maintain its pace based on stronger than Estimated European expansion. Prices also climbed as the dollar weakened, making metals priced in the currency cheaper in terms of other monies. The global economic recovery,… read more

Gold News – Futures Trading, Commodity Trading, Futures Trading news, Trading in Futures

The University of Texas endowment fund which is the second largest in the nation to Harvard just put 5% of its money into PHYSICAL GOLD!  This equates to 1 billion dollars in physical Gold.  Peter Schiff believes that this is very big news. He says that, “Fund managers are trained to trade in paper instruments — stocks, bonds,… read more

Silver has completed bearish cycle and due for rebound. Swing Trading Strategies, swing trade signals, action reaction, trading in futures, commodity trading, trade futures

July Silver has completed the bearish reaction cycle on the 60-minute chart. The market has reached the downside target objective and is currently forming a bullish A-B pattern (peg-leg) bottoming pattern. For current recommendations contact your account representative at Traders Network.… read more

Silver leads sell off-Futures News,Futures Trading, Futures Broker, Commodities News, Commodities Trading, Commodities Broker

After nearly touching $50 last week, Silver has led the selloff in commodities this week now trading below the $40 level. The CRB commodity Index is down from this weeks high of 370.72 as Gold an others have followed Silver pushing the the Index below the 360 level. With the sell of in the futures,… read more

Trade of the Day in “Silver”- Buying Opportunity – Futures Trading, Commodity trading, Commodity Futures Trading

After the exacerbated move in silver to the down side that we have seen in the last week this may be a potential opportunity to pick up some lite silver long positions.  Today we are looking at July Silver call spreads. On a daily chart the bull trend is still intact.  The market has trade back to… read more

Silver plunges after reaching projected target price and time. Swing Trading Strategies, Action-Reaction, Futures trading, Swing Trading Signals.[chart]

In the previous TMV Swing Trade reports and live webinars I talked about the reaction cycle in Silver. After the reaction swing was confirmed on March 23, 2011, I was able to project April 26, 2011 as the end of the cycle with a long-term price objective at the intersection of the ascending parallel line… read more