Trade Alert! – Short Canadian dollar hits Target! – Swing trading strategies, swing trade signals, action reaction, price action, market timing

TMV Swing Trade Report – Short June Canadian dollar @ 1.0301 – Current price @ 1.0241. The Canadian dollar has reached the initial target objective. I recommend exiting the short position at the market> I will wait for a rebound to see if it offers a another selling opportunity.… read more

Trade Alert! – July Sugar setting up for price advance! – swing trading strategies, swing trade signals, price action, action reaction, market timing. [chart]

July Sugar is forming a bullish complex reaction swing, with a peg-leg pattern, on the 60-minute chart. A trade above 22.05 is needed to confirm the new pattern. If confirmed, the price pattern portends  quick price advance toward 23.50.… read more

Trade Alert! Sugar turns lower on projected reversal date! – swing trading strategies, swing trade signals, action reaction, price action, market timing, [chart]

July Sugar traded higher, into the May 13, 2011 reversal date, and failed at the 20-day EMA. The price action portends a resumption of the downward trend. This is a selling opportunity with a stop loss above today’s high.… read more

ISM Non-Manufacturing May 4, 2011 – Futures news, Futures Trading, Economic News, Trading News, Commodity news, Commodity Trading, Futures Brokerage, Commodity Brokerage

  Prior Consensus Consensus Range Actual Composite Index – Level 57.3 57.0 54.5  to 60.0 52.8 The ISM Non Manufacturing composite index showed a 2.4 points decrease to 57.3 in March from February’s 59.7 high.  However, this is still above 50 which is considered a a month on month pace for continued growth.   What is the… read more

Sugar prices Fall-Futures News,Futures Broker,Commodity News,Commodity Broker

Harvest Production in Thailand has pushed Sugar prices to the lowest prices in seven months on speculation that supply will more than suffice to meet demand. In an email Jerome Jourquin, global head of agricultural commodities at Market Securities, a unit of Kite Group. stated ” Sugar is down on ample supplies from Thailand, The… read more

Swing Trading Strategies – Coffee hit the Target! Closes long position for big gain! [chart]

TMV Swing Trading report – Long May Coffee @ 276.96 – Hit the target! Coffee traded sharply higher overnight and traded through the target objective and closed the long position at 292.75…for a big gain!… read more

Swing Trading Strategies – Coffee surges after buy signal is confirmed [chart]

TMV Swing Trade report – Long may Coffee @ 276.95 – current price @ 279.50 – Coffee rallied to a high of 281.90, surpassing the prior swing high of 281.15,  soon after the buy signal triggered at 276.95. The stop loss can be placed at 274.75.  I look for the market to continue to trade… read more

Swing Trading Strategies – Update of short May Coffee recommendation. [chart]

From last night’s issue of the TMV Swing Trading report – May Coffee – Short from 275.25 – exit price @ 270.70 – After the sell was triggered at 275.75, coffee traded sharply lower until it touched the ascending lower parallel line (green line). The lower parallel line is a line of support and the… read more